søndag 12. februar 2012

Last lesson with animation

This lesson we had to work on the animation part of the unit. we had all the photos and everything, and now all we had to do was to put them together and make a film. I had used a lot of time before to try to find a program that would be good for the animation part of it, and I found a program called PENCIL. It was very good, but the problem was that is was best for drawing on the computer if we were going to add all the pictures we had it would take ages, since we could only upload one and one picture, and in addition to that they all had to be Bitmap photos. To convert all the photos one by one was also out of the question. So therefore we found out that it was much better to use windows movie maker that was far good enough for our animation video.
We really got far with the editing and making the video. The only thing we have to do now is really to add the voices and we are done.  

- AJ

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