torsdag 25. august 2011

Started on scetch for my painting

Today I started on my self portrait scetch. As you already know I will make an album with the picture of me to represent my personality. For me music is my whole life, and therefore it really represents me. 
I did not come very far, but I'm planing to make the painting a bit smaler because I don't think I can make it look right when it has the wrong lengths for an album cover. Anyway the picture I have chosen will be too streched for it too look normal. 

I wanted to put a picture to what I am writing now, but I forgott to take a picture of it. But It's maybe not so much to see yet. 

- AJ <3

torsdag 18. august 2011

My idea for a painting

For my painting I realy want to show my complete personality. Me without music is nothing. It is my life, and therefore I will have to get that into the picture too but making it more abstract. First I thought I would have a picture of me singing into a microphone, but I found out it would maybe be better if I chose to paint my own album. 
So there are two pictures I have thought about. I don't know which one to choose yet, but I guess that will come to me after a while. 

- AJ

My favourite self portrait

Portrait of Andrea Nutt

I like this picture because it is realistic at the same time as you can see that it is a painting, aswell as it has a lot of details on it. And I love the way the she painted the painting.