mandag 30. januar 2012

Moving forward

Last lesson Seiya and I worked hard to get finished with all the props. There wasn't a lot that had to be done, but there were some small details that we wanted to add in order to make the story a bit funnier. Like the barking slug and all that stuff. 
The goal was to finish all the props in this lesson and we were very successful. We even got to try to start taking pictures of the different scenes and how we had to do things. It was really fun, and we got results. 
Next lesson we will start fresh and get the animation going. 

- AJ

lørdag 21. januar 2012

Forming, cutting and drawing

Today Seiya and I used the whole two Art lessons to create all the figures that are going to be in the story. We worked very hard and got a lot done. Everything seems to go very well, and if we keep up the pace next week as well we will be ready to start the picture taking faster than we know it. 

- AJ

torsdag 12. januar 2012

Forming the story

In today's lesson we finally got to start working on our stories. We chose that we wanted to make dolls with pins stuck trough their arms, legs, and head so that they can easily move. We also found out that we wanted to make one background that will be in the film the whole time and the only thing that will change is the items that go onto the background. So the setting is very easy to change without using lots of time. 
We were very pleased with the progress we had done today.

Anmation unit

Today we got introduced to our new unit Animation. It was very exiting since we have never done this before and it will be very different to all other art lessons we have had so far. 
So we had to start finding ideas about what the animation story would be about. Or guiding line was that we had to make a short video that lasted for around 3 min about an event that occurred in 2011. 

Seiya and I then agreed that we wanted to make a video about the discovery of the new planet.