torsdag 29. september 2011


Today was the last lesson we could work with our assessment. I was half way sattisfied, if oyu can say that. There were improvements that could be made, but I just don't know how. Since I have not done a lot of painting before, so this was all very new to me.

1st draft

finished product
 As you can see on the picture it is not perfect, but good enough for being me. I was actually thinking of including some of Andrea Nutt style in it, but I did not know enough about it. Other than that I think that this painting really reflects who I am. Music is my life, and what I live for. If you take it away I am nothing. Therefore I could not find a better symbol than a picture of me on a LP album. It show that I'm an artist and that I love music. In addition to that it also shows my dream and my life amition. 
The painting did maybe not look too good, but it resembled my symbol perfectly. 

- AJ <3

søndag 18. september 2011

Portrait of Andrea Nutt

Here is a picture of Andrea Nutt herself and her portrait. You can see righ away that it is the same person. 
In this painting Nutt has used dark colours which most likely says something about her. She is more of an relaxed person that like a more quiet and relaxed environment rather then exploding bright colours. This is also a bit to do with that she mostly paints pictures of the nature and therefore incorporates some of the same colours into her portrait. Other then that there are not so many symbols used in Nutts picture, since the main thing is herself. 

- AJ <3 

Started my painting

On Thursday I started on my painting after I hadcopied my drawing on a painting board. I was really happy with my progress in the start, but then I found out that I also had some difficulties. I was not able to paint the shadows correctly, because every time I was going to mix the colours they never seemed to get right. 

Unfinished painting 
 - AJ <3

torsdag 1. september 2011

Ready for my final painting :)

1st draft

2nd draft 
Todays lesson started not so very good, because I found out that the grid I had used for my first draft was wrong and my face ended up looking horribly streched and bad. This made me a bit frustrated, but it did not matter in the end anyway. Since I started on a new draft of my painting so that it would be easier for me to paint the picture accurately. 
In the end when I had finished my draft number two I got really happy. It maybe didn't look like a master piece but at least you could look that it was me and not a cow, as my brother said. So I was satisfyed with it and hopefully my final piece will be even more improved from the first draft. 

- AJ <3