tirsdag 6. desember 2011

End of unit

We got the whole day today to finish our products, but I was already finished. It was a perfect time to start evaluating and thinking about how I could make it better than It was. 
I got some ideas to how to do things better. The suggestions were that I should express the time in a different way, for example to make the eternity sign in the middle of the cross or to make the mountains in the back. 
I didn't want to change my painting, but then I found out that if I used chalk to make the mountains then the whole picture would have a very different effect, than if I would make the mountains with normal paint. It looked really cool, and also it had a bit of a Chinese traditional painting look to the mountains. It is very common to have mist and soft colours in Chinese paintings, and I thought that it gave more effect to the picture. 

A lot of people were struggling with understanding the time symbolism in the painting, but in my opinion, the cross itself is a symbol of time. It is one specific time in history which is very famous. Then there are the sub symbols which were the sun, and Jesus Christ name on the cross.

torsdag 24. november 2011

Finished product

 This is my finished product that I made. The picture underneath was my inspiration to how to paint it. The reason why I did it this way is because I'm very bad at painting humans, and therefore I chose to take the focus away from Jesus Christ on the cross. In stead I made the cross that Jesus Christ was on, by adding his name tag on it, even though it wouldn't really be necessary, because it is already so symbolic in itself.
Painting under process