søndag 30. oktober 2011

Evaluation on my Self portrait unit

This lesson all the students in class evaluated each others product. I was very happy with all my comments, since they were mostly positive as well as they ticked all the right boxes. My fellow students really liked it and said that there were good shadings and funny colour use. It was most definitely me, and the symbolism was also very clear. All the details seemed to say something about me, especially the yellow dots on the black background. Which could be from spotlights on stage to camera flashes. Then it was the way I had drawn the picture, that I had made my eyes really big. Which apparently means a beautiful woman. 
I got some negative comments too, but none of them were rude. It was that the nose looked a bit like a potato, and I have to agree with that. Also that I looked really old, but apparently it is really difficult to draw women and keep them look young. 

Then after that we got a quick overview of the new unit Time.  

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