torsdag 1. september 2011

Ready for my final painting :)

1st draft

2nd draft 
Todays lesson started not so very good, because I found out that the grid I had used for my first draft was wrong and my face ended up looking horribly streched and bad. This made me a bit frustrated, but it did not matter in the end anyway. Since I started on a new draft of my painting so that it would be easier for me to paint the picture accurately. 
In the end when I had finished my draft number two I got really happy. It maybe didn't look like a master piece but at least you could look that it was me and not a cow, as my brother said. So I was satisfyed with it and hopefully my final piece will be even more improved from the first draft. 

- AJ <3

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  1. Unfortunately you can't really see the draft number 2, because it is too light :(