torsdag 15. mars 2012

Tessellation: third lesson

Today we continued on working with tessellation, which was very nice. I had a few things that I had to fix on mine. I got to test my lion print today and in the start it didn't work so well, so I had to make my cut outs much deeper and wider. Another problem was that I wanted to use a yellow colour which was very bright and light, and it did not work, because I couldn't see the lion. Therefore I found out that I had to have some darker colours to vary between. I was thinking of maybe having orange and red. Though those colours are very similar. Therefore I may chose to have a colour which will look very unnatural on a lion, but it's art, so it's ok. I guess it can make the picture look more interesting. 
I also started to draw the outlines of the print so that It will be easier to do the printing later. 

That was all I did today. 

- AJ

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